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Wine List

Wine List

Welcome to the Cork Tree. We hope that you will find our wines as enjoyable as our food. Just as the Chef features California Cuisine on the menu, our wine list will focus on the wines of California along with neighboring West Coast, and Canada.

For your enjoyment our wines will be listed from sweet and light-bodied wines with little acidity, oak and tannins to semi-sweet and medium-bodied wines with light acidity, oak and tannins and then to dry and full-bodied wines with distinctive acidity, oak and tannins.

Congratulations to these local wine enthusiasts who have been a welcome source of knowledge and encouragement.

Our Thanks to
2007-08 Wine Board of Directors

Robert Chauncey    Neal Denkler    Al Roensch
Dan Sullivan    Brenda Verna    Bill Waggoner

2009-10 Wine Board of Directors
Joe Garcia    Bill Powers    Dan Sullivan
Brenda Verna    Bill Waggoner    Suzie Waggoner

"It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: The arrival of a friend; one's present or future thirst; the excellence of the wine; or any other reason."
Latin Saying
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